Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Revitay Embellez Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Shampoos ReVitay provide the delicious sensation of dawn to life, to revive. You feel renewed, with your hair hydrated, fed, washed and deliciously perfumed. ReVitay presents the main assets that your hair needs. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins that care for you and your hair.

Embelleze has developed Revitay line of shampoos, with four versions that suit the time or occasion that a woman lives, with: Revitay Ojon oil, Revitay Tea Fennel, Revitay Quinoa and Wild Honey, Revitay Bergamot.

Highlight for ReVitay Fennel indicated for the days when hormonal changes alter the mood of women. Based on Fennel, which has soothing and calming effect, the shampoo keeps the threads bright, silky and soft.

Revitay Argan Oil combats the frizz of hair and provides shine to the threads, treats the hair protecting it against the action of UV rays. Revitay Quinoa Wild Honey contains honey and has high power of nutrition. Revitay Bergamot is the shampoo that combat oiliness leaving hair hydrated and nourished. The new line is accompanied by Novex, a deep conditioning product for everyday use.
Choose your salt-free shampoo to give strength to your weak hair.

Direction: Close your eyes and let the water flow freely on the hairs. Place the Shampoo ReVitay hands and pleasurably massage the scalp. Rinse well removing excess water. Place a good amount of Novex Treatment Condition hair, apply to the hair, strand by strand, massage gently for greater absorption. After 3 minutes remove the Novex Treatment Condition in abundant water. Relax and feel the water

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Revitay Set Option

Revitay Ojon oil (Protect from UV Damaged Hair)
Inside the forests of Central America there is a tribe called Tawira, known as people with beautiful hair, over more than 500 years found a precious oil extracted from the nuts of a native palm: Ojon oil.
Known as the golden elixir of nature, Ojon oil is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential lipids with properties resembling those of the hair itself. This oil, called magic, acts as a true natural remedy promoting a restoration of high impact from the damage caused by the summer, brushing and dying. Transforming it instantly into healthy and full of life

Suitable for all hair types, especially for people that use chemicals or abuse of hairdryers, irons or dyes.

Revitay Tea Fennel (Antioxidants and Strengthen Hair)
Product for deeply clean hair with the fennel as active ingredient. Used for centuries in medicine and in kitchen, this herb has a calming function because its relaxing properties. Treatment ultra-deep, special champĂș for difficult days.

Suitable for all hair types, especially for sensitive scalp.

Revitay Quinoa and Wild Honey (Strength and Shine)
Quinoa, food with high nutritional power, was venerated by the Incas and means "mother grain."
- Rich in minerals, the honey is always present in receitinhas Grandma against brittle hair.
- These two active gathered in Moisturizing Shampoo ReVitay Quinoa and Wild Honey bring the much strength hair strength and shine.
- Its formula is ZERO SAL

Suitable for all hair types

Novex Jaborandi  (Hair Loss and Nourish Hair)
With a high power of strengthening and nutrition, Novex Jaborandi recovers hair health to stop hair fall and accelerate its natural growth .
Jaborandi is a typical fruit of Brazilian forests that grows especially in tropical climates. The firsts to exploit the benefits of this plant were the Tupi Indians, who gave the name yabora-di to this fruit. The extract of its leaves has many therapeutic properties, such as the renewal of the hair and skin cells. This natural treasure is a classic in cosmetics world and it s currently widely used to help combat hair loss and strengthen from root to tips for a renewing growth .
Novex conditioners have incorporated the ultra deep conditioning treatment that gives hair the real treatment that they deserve. With high nutritional value, it is like using a mask, but every day! The formula works by deeply penetrating into hair shaft resulting in a super soft and full of shine treated hair. Get ready to receive compliments wherever you go! 

Suitable for Weak, dry and brittle hair.

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