Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Natural Defining Light up Mascara - Black

Despite their seemingly endless variety, today's mascaras generally fall into one of four main forms: water proof, defining, lengthening and curling. While combo products also exist, most mascara brands strive to deliver at least one of these benefits.

Most mascara are made with a water base, making them easier to remove, while waterproof products are created with a more stubborn oil base. There is a product that is in between the two and that is water resistant mascara. This allows them to be easy to remove but it will not smudge, smear or flake. Another ingredient to look for is one with a lanolin base. Lanolin creates conditioning mascara that helps eyelashes to grow and retain long lashes.

Though mascara’s formula is important, experts say the brush is equally important. That's because its design directly affects how the formula is applied -- a fact that can influence overall product satisfaction. For example, you can use a dual wand mascara brush that will extend and create thick lashes in one wand.

To experience a natural looking and defining mascara try Pure Illumination’s mascara with a light and mirror on the side for easy application and touch ups no matter where you are.

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Defining mascara. Water resistant, conditioning mascara with a light and mirror. Exclusive dual purpose brush that helps to extend lashes.

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