Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pure Illumination Stories....

Here's their story!~

LanoLip inventor Miranda Coggins suffered from chronic chapped lips. She searched for a cure to relieve her cracked and dry lips for years. While nursing her daughter, she used lanolin-based products to ease the discomfort and soreness associated with breastfeeding. After experimenting with applying the lanolin-based product to her lips, she realized for the first time that her lips actually felt relieved and healthy.
Shortly after this discovery, Miranda’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked-in. In January 2006, she created several lip balm prototypes over her kitchen stovetop. Shortly after she tested her unique blends on family and friends. Within a year of Miranda’s ah-ha moment, the Lano Company was officially born. In addition to her breakthrough product, LanoLip Lip Balm, Miranda focused on expanding her product offerings to include LED lit lip gloss and plumper, LED lit nail polish, all-natural lip stains and lip scrubs, therapeutic lotion/massage oil candles and hand inlaid crystal accessory items.

Today, Lano Co. products, including its signature Pure Illumination LED Lit Lip Gloss, are available online and in hundreds of boutiques, doctors' offices and hair salons worldwide.


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